Products that have significant and scientifically proven positive effect on health, quality of life and longevity.
Products derived as a result of a "Screening" project – large-scale testing of 1050 compounds representing 62 classes of pharmacological compounds, aiming to understand their impact on mammalian lifespan.

Studies were conducted in 2009-2013 at The Jackson Laboratory, CA, USA.
To date there has been only one known compound – rapamycin – that significantly (by over 10%) increased lifespan in long-lived mice.

In our Screening, having run tests on over 18000 long-lived mice, we have discovered 60 compounds that increased lifespan by over 10%.

Out of those compounds, 4 have (statistically significantly) increased lifespan by 16-20%.

Possession of a large amount of data has allowed us to identify two key mechanisms through which the discovered compounds had extended lifespan in mice. The same mechanisms work in humans.
Our mission
Enable public access to compounds that are capable of significantly improving quality of life and increasing lifespan, ensuring healthy longevity.
Project team
Chikunov Alexander
Project initiator/originator and investor
Ryazanov Alexey

Professor of pharmacology at Rutgers University, NJ, USA, professor at MSU, Russia
David Harrison
Biologist, Ph.D., Professor and Senior Staff Scientist at The Jackson Laboratory
Spirin Alexander
Biologist, member of the Russian Academy of Science, former Director of the Protein Research Institute.
Yuriy Shimkiv
MS at Columbia University, NY, Department of biology
Dmitry Khan
Blockchain expert and strategic advisor for startups and corporations.
Managing director of biotech projects with focus to longevity